FITC / In The Year 2525

I had a blast working with the fine folks at Sarofsky on the 2020 FITC Title Sequence. This was my first time using Cinema 4D and Arnold and it was quite the learning curve, but I was fortunate to be taken under the wings of Jake Allen and Matt Miltonberger. I learned how to model, texture and light with Arnold, multipass-render, and composite it all in After Effects. Below are the shots I contributed to the project.

Studio Sarofsky
Client FITC Toronto 2020
Directors Erin Sarofsky,
Duarte Elvas
Executive Producer Steven Anderson
Producer Kelsey Hynes
Lead Artists Jake Allen,
Matt Miltonberger,
Josh Smiertka,
Tanner Wickware
Motion Designers Dan Moore,
Ally Munro,
Griffin Thompson,
Andrew Hyden,
Tobi Matner,
Nik Bratz